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Your first choice for expert engine repairs in Waitara

Staying safe on the road means keeping your vehicle in top condition. A well-maintained car is not only safer, it will also handle better, use fuel more economically and will perform more efficiently overall. For expert engine repairs in Waitara, your first and best choice is the professional mechanics at McFarlane Motors.
First established in 1983, McFarlane Motors specialises in oil changes, balancing, tune-ups and maintenance for all makes and models. We use the very latest diagnostic technology to pinpoint problems areas and solve mechanical issues fast. You can depend on our qualified mechanics to get the job done right the first time!

When you choose McFarlane Motors, you can expect top-quality workmanship from experienced mechanics. You'll benefit from some of the most competitive rates in the business. To find out more about our services, or to book your car in for a tune-up, please contact our friendly team today.

Specialist mechanical services

Are you having difficulties starting your car in the morning? Is your engine making unusual noises or leaking fluid? Speak to the specialist mechanics at McFarlane Motors for practical advice and reliable repairs. 

We can repair all types of vehicles quickly and cost effectively. If you want honest advice and affordable mechanical services, you need the team at McFarlane Motors.
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Experienced and dedicated team

Many people resist taking their car to a mechanic until it's too late. There is a common belief that mechanics overcharge and perform needless services. 

Rest assured, that is not the case at McFarlane Motors! We charge reasonable prices for our work and will never perform unnecessary repairs. Our team always makes sure you are kept fully informed of all work that is done on your vehicle.

Professional wheel balancing

Do you find that your vehicle is pulling to one side as you drive? Does the car shake or shudder as you pick up speed? All these symptoms are warning signs that your car needs to have a wheel balance. 

Wheel balancing helps to evenly distribute weight across the tyres, assists with handling and will cut down on wear and tear on your suspension.

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